Wednesday Nights at Living Faith

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Fall 2019



5:00-6:00 PM
BYO Dinner
(fellowship hall)

6:00-6:30 PM
Prayer (sanctuary)

6:30-7:30 PM
Teaching and Discussion



Aug. 28 – Sept. 25

Resolving Conflict in the Church

Led by Fr. Carl Smith

A 5 week series on working through conflict as Christians using the book of Philippians.

This series is designed to help you: 1) Appreciate the reality and presence of conflict in human institutions, even (especially?) in Christian ministries, 2) Distinguish between various types of conflict and determine appropriate responses to them, 3) Examine four conflict scenarios in the book of Philippians and develop a model for resolving them with biblical wisdom, 4) Define and promote the higher priorities of God in conflict situations, 5) Cultivate the spirit of Christ, who resolved conflict through strength, courage, humility, self-sacrifice and faith.

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Oct. 2 – Nov. 6
(not held Oct. 23)

Seeking Refuge

Led by Fr. Peter Smith

A 5 week series on a Gospel response to the refugee crisis.

Using the book Seeking Refuge as a foundation, this series is designed to explore the issues surrounding the refugee crisis, discover the breadth of what the Bible has to say on this topic, and create an environment for meaningful discussion and application. A practical training on the refugee experience will be included.

Nov. 13 – Dec. 11
(not held Nov. 27)

Confirmation Class

Led by Fr. Carl Smith

A 4 week series on mere Anglicanism in preparation for the rite of Confirmation.

The discussion will include: essentials of the faith, Anglican liturgics and spirituality, and Anglican church history. While those being confirmed are required to attend, this class is also open to anyone.

*Note: A 2nd class may be offered concurrently. To be decided.

For Kids

If you’d like to request childcare for children 0-5 years of age, email our Children’s Minister using the button below.
Kids 5 yrs.+ and youth are invited to participate with the adults.

Recordings of Past Teaching and Discussions

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“The Gift of God’s Love” Series — Wednesday, February 6-27, 2019

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

“The Gospel and Politics” Series — Wednesday, November 7-28, 2018

“Not My Jesus” Series — Wednesday, September 26-October 31, 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018