Thanksgiving Feasts

I love Thanksgiving.  This is a week for giving thanks and for eating and drinking.  What could be better?  All across the country people gather together with friends and family to share a meal and to share life.  This is a beautiful thing.  

It reminds me of the meal and the life that we share as Christians: the eucharist.  Eucharist means “thanksgiving.”  It is a feast at the Table of the Lord where we partake of the life of God himself.  We eat the body of Jesus and we drink the blood of Jesus, not in a physical sense but in a true and spiritual sense. Just as physical food and drink nourish our physical bodies, God gives life to our spiritual bodies through his Son Jesus who is signified in the gifts of bread and wine.  As you gather together this week to give thanks and to eat, may you be reminded of the true and better thanksgiving meal, and may it turn your eyes to Christ.

Yet, also remember that Thanksgiving is a complex time of year because many people in our midst do not have anyone to gather with to share food and conversation.  As Christ-followers we have an opportunity to draw people into the life of our families and our church family.  May you be watchful for those on the fringes and eager to extend God’s hospitality.  And may this too remind you of the future feast in the Kingdom of God where no broken relationships, sorrow, loneliness, or death will keep us apart from one another or from God.  What could be better?