2 Ways to Give Online

Option #1: using credit or debit card

This is great for quick and easy giving.  However, we will be charged a transaction fee.
*Please do not use this method of giving if you are a member or regular attender at Living Faith.

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Option #2: using Quickpay

This requires you to use Quickpay (bill-pay) through your online bank account.   But, using this method 100% of your donation goes to benefit the ministries of Living Faith.

If you bank with any of these banks you will be able to use this Quick Pay option.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.49.53 PM.png

Here's how to set it up:

  • Sit down with your cell phone and your email open.
  • Go to your online bank and choose QuickPay (it may be on a drop down menu off of Bill Pay).
  •  At some point you will be asked to select a one time or a recurring payment option.
  • Follow the prompts they give you, and provide the codes they will send to your email and to your phone as instructed.
  • When you are asking to add a QuickPay payee, please enter the following email address for Living Faith: finance@livingfaithanglican.org. This will be saved for future use.  
  • Please type in your full name and address in the memo box so we can easily provide you with a year-end giving statement.
  • If you need more detailed instructions or have questions please contact: admin@livingfaithanglican.org