Our Worship

Sundays at 9:30 AM



Our worship is about Jesus Christ. He is at the center, and all that we do is meant to make much of Him.  There is no more important person in all of human history. It’s through Jesus—namely through his death and resurrection—that we know who God is and are able to enter a new relationship with him.

Knowing God and being known by him is what we were created for. It’s where we are most ourselves, and most fulfilled. CS Lewis writes that “It is in the process of being worshiped that God communicates His presence to men.” And so we worship!


We love and welcome all people to our congregation, because we are all sinners in need of God’s grace.  God has given us immeasurable hospitality through Christ, and we strive to express that same hospitality to others. Whether you are a long-time member or just visiting, whether you are a devout believer or just curious about Jesus, we want you experience the love of Jesus. It is that love which compels us to put our faith in Jesus and to walk in obedience to his new way of living. 


Liturgy comes from a Greek word--λειτουργία--which means "the work of the people."  The reason we call it liturgical is because our worship is a communal endeavor from start to finish. Together we sing praise to the Lord, hear God's Word read, listen to the preaching of God's word, profess our belief in Jesus, pray responsive prayers, confess our sins and receive the promise of forgiveness, share fellowship and reconciliation with one another, give back to God of our resources, and eat and drink from the Table of Christ in Holy Communion.

There are really two “movements" to our worship service, not unlike two acts in a drama:


Liturgy of the Word

  • Worship begins with a blend ancient and modern music led by our music team, which consists of a guitars, keyboard, and bass, as well as a piano and choir.  

  • You might see some people raise their hands or clap as they sing, which is just way of expressing love to God.

  • Other people may bow, or kneel, or make the sign of the cross--these are simply additional ways of involving our whole body in worship. 

  • Worship continues as we turn our attention to hearing the words of the Bible.  

  • Every Sunday we hear passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Gospel (which means “good news”). 

  • Fr. Peter or another pastor will then preach from God's Word in such a way as to instruct the mind, engage the heart, and move the will.  Those messages can be found on the Sermons page.

Holy Communion 2.jpg

Liturgy of the Sacrament

  • Worship ends with Holy Communion, which is sometimes called Eucharist.  The word “Eucharist” is a greek word which means “thanksgiving.”  

  • Holy Communion is a celebration and a giving thanks for  God’s ultimate gift of love in the sending of Jesus to free us from slavery to sin and death.  God, in Jesus Christ, reconciled us to himself through his cross and resurrection.  

  • When we receive Holy Communion, we respond to the call of Jesus to love, follow, and unite ourselves to him by receiving him in the form of bread and wine.  In this simple yet profound act, Jesus comes to us and strengthens us to live lives full of grace and truth.  

  • Holy Communion at Living Faith is open to all baptized Christians who are seeking to follow Jesus and live in forgiveness and fellowship with each other.

  • To close our service, we are sent out in peace to live in the world on mission for Christ.